About Us

Before I am anything I am a woman. I am the oldest daughter to my mother and the only daughter to my father. I am a sister, niece, aunt and most of all a mother.

I am an ex wife, significant other, author, business owner, part time lover and foul mouth individual. I am the homegirl that relishes in light stalking of individuals to preserve my throne. I am the queen of my universe.

I am the holder of truth and still trying to figure out when King James had all this time to write the Bible. I am very close to The Jesus. I call him that because there’s only one. (He was on that velvet painting in my home as a child)
I am a business woman. I will not sell my soul for a dollar or ten million dollars. I am anti-hoe. I believe there is no reason to compromise your body or do something strange for a little bit of change. I do believe in the hoe stroll, which is the delicate time one spends in their 20s dating. It is a rite of passage so to speak. It keeps you from being the old lady at the club with plastic shoes on.

I have a discreet mental illness that causes me to be violent and paranoid at the same damn time. It is the reason I sometimes run full marathons for fun. I am a psychology and neuroscience buff. I am no dummy.

If you have read all these things WHO I am is very simple. I am a hot mess. Miss Haute Mess. I go by D.Scott and I give 0 FUX.



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