Factual Friday. This woman is beautiful. This woman is a mother of 8. This woman is a wife. This woman married a plastic surgeon. This woman helped him build his practice. This woman held it in for weeks and didnt address him about the affair. This woman slept alone for weeks. This woman is not me. Michael would have got his MF ass whooped. Michael would have got some divorce papers. This is his 2nd time cheating. Michael is not cute. Michael would be doing his own surgery. This is why I tell women.....you can be all he needs...he might still cheat. It has NOTHING to do with you. Even if you ate 100 bags of chips...he coulda took your ass to the gym. When men dont heal they hoe. #secondwivesclub #0fuxnation #team0fux #humbleyourself #michaelwouldagothisasswhooped #factualfriday