Some of you are in these streets. It should be a rule that you get life insurance. Some of your jobs pay it for you...take it! You can get a million dollar policy as a non smoking male for about $40 bucks a month. NO I dont sell insurance. I also wont have to sell fish dinners for none of mine. We owe it to our families not to leave them in debt. We owe it to our children to leave them with something. Death is serious to talk about. Yet...I would rather speak on it now than to shame my family broke as hell after death. A funeral or cremation is still about 6K. If you a baller and you got that on deck cool. If not...get you some insurance. I dont wanna see some of you ballers laid out and be on ice for 2 weeks collecting funds. OH and ladies...if he love you...make him add you as a beneficiary. You aint Anna Nichole but in life if they took care of you...make sure thats in death too. No need to be falling off cuz your sugar daddy passed. If youre married...chile you should have been had a policy. MEN the policy wont be able to be collected on for at least 2 years so yall got time to act right. ' ' %/ / / b(Ʌɽݹ̀ṅѥɕ͡ЀՕ͡