Stolen from someone I respect. #tellthetruthtuesday Why the phuck would you put me thru some shit I have to endure? Why cant you be pure negro and tell the truth? I am not a lesbian. I dont phuck with beotches. Especially when they claim to be all man. Tired is an understatement. Im Miss Sophia in the cornfields of The Color Purple. Im at the ,"all my life I had to fight" stage. Im in the, "please God take him" phase. I HAVE to protect my peace. Weeping may ENDURE for a night but joy come in the morning? Who the phuck wants to weep all night? Naw phuck that...lets have joy now. As a woman I endure enough each day. My man should be my protector. YES please do protect me. I am a mere mortal sometimes. My man should be my peace. YES I want those little disagreements then the physical that comes after. No I dont want a power struggle. You could never ENDURE what I have in any relationship. You wouldn't make it in those 200 thread count sheets where my body against yours keeps you warm at night. I only want to endure the delight of a soldier thats just for me. You may endure much but you will be pleased more. #0fuxnation #team0fux #humbleyourself #endure #mentalhealth #queenshit