Cali bound. #tbt Lil booty and a Birkin. Circa 2014. Life is always good. Some people say I dress like a bum. I say I own my own brand...I throw shit on when I want to. Who is it I am trying to impress? Some female that has to charge her bra and panties and wears spritz? Or am I trying to impress some man that doesnt realize I am an asset because he doesnt have any assets? I stunt when I need to. Yall can do this shit for the gram and get arrested. ME....Im poor. Please no audits. All I do is grind. Theres rewards and penalties for that. OH yeah and I write books too, and ummmm click the link in bio. I may do a surprise show today just because I can. dB^][ۈ^[Y\XHV[ZZX]Y[X